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These 6 projects are doing amazing things across the Liverpool City Region engaging and connecting communities despite the social distancing restrictions, we awarded them all £250 to help them with the projects below.


On the 7th May 2020 we awarded an additional £500 to Home Sensory Kits and £250 to Liverpool Mutual Aid based on the votes received.

Thank you for helping us to support some of Liverpool's grassroots projects!

Seans Place want to develop confidence in cooking and encourage eating healthily as well as reducing symptoms of isolation such as loneliness, stress and depression by running their sessions remotely.

Cookery for Well-being_Pic1.jpg
Cookery for Well-being.png

MDFR provide entertainment, reminiscence resources, reality orientation, self care reminders and much more. They want to invest in high quality mics to improve the quality and variety of their content.

Dementai Friendly Radio.png

Wirral Unplugged offer a unique letter and craft exchange between a child and the magical world to promote wellbeing, screen-free time and creativity. They want to be able to open this up to more children.


The Sensory Hive want to create sensory packs for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities who are struggling to regulate their sensory systems during lockdown.

Liverpool Mutual Aid_Pic1.jpeg

A city wide community group well placed and been able to identify and communicate directly with the most vulnerable people in our society. The group will use this money to support those in need.

A project providing wholesome, well-balanced meals for the community to ensure elders and those suffering from under lying health issues who were self-isolating receive food parcels.

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