Seans Place want to develop confidence in cooking and encourage eating healthily as well as reducing symptoms of isolation such as loneliness, stress and depression by running their sessions remotely.

What's the project?

I wish to take our Cookery for Well-being sessions into the community to support those who are isolating. The aim is to develop confidence in cooking and encourage eating healthily as well as reducing symptoms of isolation such as loneliness, stress and depression. Through creative recipes and simple methods, beneficiaries will be able to create the dishes  in their homes using their Sean's Place cook books and ingredients which will be provided. Through our Whatsapp group we will discuss how they found their home cooking challenge and share photos of their creations, this will open conversations that will be continued in our face-to-face sessions. 

When will the project start?

Our members are already sharing pictures of some of their home cooking but we'd love to get this project off the ground as soon as possible so we can support them more in doing this while also learning new skills!


Which areas does Seans Place currently impact?

Bootle, West Derby, City Centre, Waterloo, Southport, Ainsdale, Walton and Aintree​.

How would you spend £500?

With the £250 we've already been awarded we'll be able to have our Seans Place cook books printed with some familiar and some new recipes for our members to try at home. We can also provide ingredients to our current group of 17 so they can cook along together, share tips with each other and post photos of their culinary delights to our Whatsapp group. With the additional £500 we'd love to engage more people in this project, also providing them with ingredients and a copy of the Seans Place cook book.

If there were surplus funds I would additionally create an event, once appropriate, where we can invite family and friends to enjoy a meal with us that has been cooked and served by the guys at Seans Place which would once again work towards improving confidence and self esteem. If there was still remaining funds, we would also like to purchase cookery materials (such as mixing bowels, scales, pans) to support our face-to-face sessions.

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Voting has now closed but there are still plenty of ways you can support Sean's Place!

A donation of:

£5-10 would purchase extra materials such as aprons, pans, plates, so they can welcome more people to their sessions

£15-20 would enable them to purchase the ingredients needed for 1 week for up to 15 people.

Also any donations of chairs and fold-up tables would be welcome for their site.

Here's Debbie and some of the members from Seans Place outlining why you should vote for Cookery for Well-being:

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