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A city wide community group well placed and been able to identify and communicate directly with the most vulnerable people in our society. The group will use this money to support those in need.

What's the project?

Liverpool Covid-19 Mutual Aid Group is a volunteer-run service with 6000 members in the Liverpool City Region. Our team of eight's focus during the Covid-19 pandemic is matching volunteers with citizens needing help and sharing information on a Facebook group. 

So far, we've coordinated:
- Shopping / prescription deliveries
- Food parcels for the vulnerable / elderly
- Support and donations for local services (food banks etc.)
- Practical help with errands (dog walking, gardening, DIY)
- Signposting to information and services regarding rent, employment and benefits advice 
- Provision of support, goods and services to key workers (including PPE).

When did the project start?

Our group was launched 13/03/20


Which areas does Liverpool Covid-19 Mutual Aid currently impact?

All of Liverpool and we work by directing those in the outer areas (Sefton, Wirral, Warrington, etc) to other community groups closer to their location or better placed to support.

How would you spend £500?

As a city wide community group we have seen first hand the wide ranging effects that this pandemic has had on our every day lives. The most alarming effects have been at the detriment of the most vulnerable people in our societies. With 6000 members and growing we are well placed and been able to identify and communicate directly with the most vulnerable people.

Financial restraints have left some of our members without the ability to buy food or put electricity on the meter. Mental Health has been tested by many in isolation and has increasingly been a trending concern amongst our members. For the most vulnerable this has been exasperated by their crippling financial concerns. 

With delays in the mobilisation of government and council aid and support, more and more people are seeking out our group and looking to the community for much needed help. Our group will use this money to support those in desperate need and bridge the gap of those being left behind, until council led support is better established and operational. It will be used to provide emergency care packages; food packages, the purchase of essential items and if necessary volunteer expenses  to reach and assist the most vulnerable. This would help to financially reassure the most vulnerable people directly who are in emergency situations.

You can check out more about Liverpool Mutual Aid on Facebook:

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Here are the admins for Liverpool Covid-19 Mutual Aid outlining why you

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