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A project providing wholesome, well-balanced meals for the community to ensure elders and those suffering from under lying health issues who were self-isolating receive food parcels.

What's the project?

The Hungry Must Be Fed project is being run from the John Archer Hall in a partnership between Princes Park and a small local business (Relish Caterers). With my help these businesses were able to adapt and prepare wholesome well balanced meals for our community to ensure elders and those suffering from under lying health issues who were self-isolating would receive food parcels. The project has enabled us to put out 1000 meals in Princes Park in the past 2 weeks and we now have 49 individuals on the round and are still receiving referrals.

When will the project start?

We're already in action!


Which area does The Hungry Must Be Fed reach?


How would you spend £500?

Our project has grown with increased demand, the first week we delivered 780 and last Monday we delivered 910, we anticipate this will increase over the coming weeks and assistance with funding will enable us to grow the project as demand increases. We offer a fully balanced nutritional meal and also vegan wheat and gluten free and vegetarian. The meal is excellent in itself however we would like to add freshly baked bread, a great local bakery donated a batch of french sticks and we would like to continue to include these as I’m sure we can negotiate a competitive rate, but would need funding to the tune of £500. I would love it if we could offer fresh fruit and vegetables and so helping local growers too.

We have also been able to included some donated puzzles, word puzzles and games in the drop as we recognise the need for self care, things like this really help with mental agility and can assist to stop boredom setting in. In a similar vein, we were also able to send Easter eggs out last week which were well received, cheering people up, and Lush has donated 10 bags of goodies for our women fleeing domestic violence which helps us to promote self care in the midst of not only Covid-19 but for those who are emotionally drained after traumatic experiences. Little treats are crucial to raising morale and there’s nothing better than finding a surprise treat in your bag. It also breaks up the monotony for those in isolation, so it would be great if we had funds to include things like these more regularly.

Here's Anna outlining why you should vote for The Hungry Must Be Fed:

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