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What a great turn out!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a month since our October Liverpool SOUP and what a night it was, we heard from four inspiring grassroots projects and raised a massive £650.20 which was award to Humanise Me - a huge thank you to everyone who showed up to support Liverpool’s grassroots!

The diversity and quality of the pitchers who took to the stage is a real credit to all the brilliant things going on across Liverpool, we heard from:

  • Ullet Rd Church Rebels, a grassroots football club providing opportunities for asylum seekers and refugees to play competitive football in Merseyside, many of their players arrived in the UK as unaccompanied children and describe the club as a being a family.

  • Old Swan in Bloom who want to develop the local library's garden into a sensory 'winter wonderland' which will help support literacy while improving social inclusion which is particularly important in an area with a large proportion of single occupancy residences.

  • Humanise Me who meet regularly, watch films and talk about what it means to be human; their aim is discover, through film, the tools we need to defend our community against dehumanisation while building an open, inclusive community of film lovers.

  • Plastic Tactics, a people-powered plastic playground, empowering people to recycle their own plastic waste into practical products and currently raising funds to fit-out a shipping container.

It was great to hear some brilliant questions from the audience after the pitches but also to see all the mingling happening during the break while everyone was deliberating over who to vote for, you could feel the compassion in the atmosphere and there was definitely collaboration brewing.

Having spoken to all the pitchers since the event we’re over the moon to hear that those who didn’t win the micro-fund on the night have since received donations from people who were in the audience, going to show that our audience isn’t only a generous bunch but that all the pitchers did a brilliant job and did their projects proud.

While we’re made up with how the event went we know that there’s always room for improvement, we’ve read your feedback forms and as we hunt out the venue for are next event:

⁃ We are keen to grow our audience without the event feeling cramped so we’re looking at slightly bigger spaces; and

⁃ Want our audience to be able the clearly hear the pitchers - because let’s face it they have some brilliant things to say - so we’ll be doing a mic check before the event.

We look forward to fixing the date for the next Liverpool SOUP in the coming weeks, then we’ll be relying on you to spread the word so as many people as possible can hear about and support the inspiring grassroots projects going on across Liverpool.

You can sign up to our mailing list here, if you haven’t done all ready, to be first to know out next event date and venue.

AND a massive thank you to Andrew who did a brilliant job taking all our photos on the night!

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