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Liverpool’s Crowdfunding Success Stories

From tech to tableware, crowdfunding has been used by some of Liverpool’s most exciting and up-and-coming businesses.

Liverpool SOUP is an offline crowdfunding initiative that supports the growth of community projects. At our events, donations made on the door are passed directly to the winning pitch, allowing members of our community to fund the projects they’re most excited about. Other forms of crowdfunding exist mainly online and include rewards-based crowdfunding, on sites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo. In Liverpool, many project creators have taken advantage of reward-based crowdfunding, with Kickstarter alone, showing 571 Liverpool-based projects. In this post, we highlight some of Liverpool’s success stories.


Splatware from Granby Workshop launched on Kickstarter on September 9th 2017. Their “one of a kind tableware” raised £76,223 from 808 backers, far exceeding their £40,000 goal.

Figure 1: Splatware. Source: Kickstarter. Credit: Granby Workshop

Things to learn from the Splatware Campaign

Splatware harness the elements of chance and playfulness in their tableware and this is presented in their campaign in several engaging and interesting ways. As well as high quality photography, they include gifts of the products being made and art and graphic design work. Furthermore, they describe their production process in detail and tell their story, which allows backers to see exactly how their products will be made and appreciate how their project has grown from what was once a rundown area of Liverpool.


Kitty’s Laundrette

On 24th March 2018, Kitty’s Laundrette launched on Kickstarter and raised £20,382 representing 146% of the campaign funding goal. Kitty’s Laundrette is based in Anfield and following their successful campaign, opened in May 2019.

Figure 2: Kitty's Laundrette. Source: Kickstarter. Credit: Myriam Lahnite

Things to learn from the Kitty’s Laundrette campaign

This campaign tells the story of the project in a really effective way, clearly presenting the passion and importance of the project. This campaign promised the creation of much more than just a laundrette, but also a meeting and learning space, to bring the community together while simultaneously boosting the local economy. The campaign also offered enticing rewards, such as their handmade dish soap and their branded washbag that were produced by local creatives.


Wreckfish by Gary Usher

On the 2nd of May 2017, Gary Usher launched the “Wreckfish…maybe” (now titled Wreckfish…DEFINITELY !!!!) Kickstarter campaign. 1,522 backers pledged £208,956, successfully reaching their £200,000 goal. Wreckfish Bistro, dubbed “Liverpool’s Neighbourhood Bistro”, had since been on the corner of Seel Street and Slater Street.

Figure 3: Wreckfish Bistro. Source: Kickstarter, Credit: Wreckfish by Gary Usher

Things to learn from the Wreckfish campaign

Wreckfish is the second of four incredibly successful Kickstarter campaigns by Gary Usher, a feat achieved by few! The main lesson to be learned from the Wreckfish campaign is the importance of growing and nurturing your community before your launch. Furthermore, backers are offered a range of rewards that are great value for money. If you eat brunch regularly in Liverpool, then it made sense to pledge £25 to the Wreckfish campaign and get Breakfast for 2 at Wreckfish. Offering tangible and enticing rewards such as Breakfast for 2, made it easier to entice pledges and was another key to the success to Wreckfish.


These three projects are just a few of the many exciting projects that have been brought to life by crowdfunding. If you’re interested in supporting more Liverpool-based crowdfunding campaigns, the following campaigns were live as of the 26th August:

You can also support our next Liverpool SOUP by joining us at Tusk on the 3rd October and you can apply to pitch here.

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